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There are many benefits to installing a phone system in your home.  Ease of use, time saving flexibility allows your home phone system to suit your family needs.  Benefits include:

Absolute Phone & Data use qualified technicians for installation of home phone systems. Contact us for a FREE quote to install today.

Each family and home has different requirements of a phone system.  Our expert staff are available to help you decide what is the best solution for your circumstances.
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Information can be found on this page includes:

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Intercom:  Ideal for busy families who want to keep in touch, even in different rooms
                   Family members that are ill or disabled can use intercom for help.
Convenience: Transfer calls throughtout the house.  Page to announce calls for other people
Security: Using Door Phone you can screen who is at the front door
Social: Can have music playing through speakers on phone throughout house
Room Monitoring:  Handsfree monitoring of rooms, ideal for babies
Mobility: With a cordless phone as an extension, receive, transfer and make calls
Keep in Touch:  Conference facility allows you to keep in touch as a family with overseas calls
Economical: Use VoIP lines to make calls, quality of service means you save money but without
                       losing voice quality (dependent on ADSL router settings)
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Why not compare pricing of a used home phone system with a new home phone system.  Benefits of buying new include a longer warranty period, up to date technology giving you more features, availability of additional equipment in the future and great pricing!