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MOH On Hold Player
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Messages On Hold
Customised On Hold Messages
Budget On Hold Messages

Message On Hold Programmes

Congratulations!  You have taken the first step towards marketing your business and services through messages on hold.  Messages played while clients are on hold can promote your business, products, services, news, your website, specials, promotions and more.

No excuse not to use Customised On Hold Messages with a choice of DIY On Hold Messages through to a complete Customised On Hold Message production there is one sure to suit your budget and business.
Customised On Hold Message Program

Organising your Customised Message On Hold  is as easy as contacting us. Each business is unique and your advertising on hold message reflects this.  Provide a script, we can give you some handy tips to create a script that promotes your business while clients are on hold 24/7.

Your choice of male or female professional voiceover artist, you can choose both if you prefer (a small additional charge), flexibility is the key to providing you with a product that will sell, educate and promote when your client is on hold.  Check out our sample On Hold Messages
As a business you aim to keep your clients on hold as short a time as possible, sometimes this can't be avoided.  You want to take
advantage of this wait time by letting your customers know about YOUR business.  Don't let silence or chimes leave a negative impression
On Hold Messages
Your one off investment in an advertising on hold programme
continues to work 24/7
Now that's
great value!
Own Outright 
No Contracts
That's right, once you have purchased, the on hold message programme it's yours to use
at one site, at two sites wherever you have a phone system for your business that places people on hold and you want to take the
opportunity to sell to a captive audience.

Budget On Hold Message
Easy As!
Create your script, choose your audio artist, your music and before you know it, your words are taken off the page and brought to life. 

No On Hold Player yet?  Check out our great On Hold Packages
Budget On Hold Messages

If you are a small enterprise and want to project a business that is promoting itself at every opportunity, you can for a small outlay educate your callers while on hold about your products, services, website and more.

Take control of your on hold with DIY On Hold Messages, with an easy to follow
simple process you can have your own customised message within 7 days.  How hard is it to do?  Not hard at all!  Using a specially created web portal, your Budget
Message Program
is done online, you can be anywhere in Australia.  Create your script, choose your voice artist (male or female), your background music, next step goes to audio production where it is professionally recorded, you check that everything is correct and lastly you download your file in the format you require, with our on hold players you would choose mp3 file format.
Check out our on hold players as we are offering great deals when purchasing the on hold player and message as a package.
Maximum 400 Words
Choose from:
Male or Female Audio Artists
Royalty Free Music
Choice of File Type eg: WMA, MP3
Provide your own script
Budget On Hold Message Programme
Customised On Hold Messages with a On Hold Player works with most PBX, VoIP, Analogue and Digital Phone Systems
Connect LIU for MOH PLayer to Phone System
Connect On Hold Player to Phone System
Increased Sales
Happy Customers
Professional Branding
Low Production Cost
Works 24/7
High ROI

On Hold Custom Message Program
On Hold Custom Message Program
MOH On Hold Player
MOH On Hold Player
On Hold Player
With customised message packages starting from as little as $310 plus GST, you can
increase your sales and all importantly keep your clients happy.
If your sell on hold message needs to be updated eg: you have relocated to new premises, you don't need to replace the entire ads on hold message.
Single segments can be recorded and pieced into your existing programme while taking out the
redundant message.

For a small expense it is easy to keepup to date with your on hold message programme
If you are on a tight budget but want to take advantage of promoting your business while clients are on hold then Budget On Hold Message is for you!

In a few simple steps you can have a customised sell on hold message in as little as seven days.
Experienced male and female voice talent will take the words off the page and deliver your message with sincerity and appeal, from corporate to casual.  Music is carefully selected to reflect your business style.

Once professionally recorded your message is loaded as a mp3 file which can be downloaded when ready.  It is easily loaded via your PC to a USB key and plugged into your On Hold Player.

From start to finish can be as little as 7 working days.

This customised messages is yours outright, you are not locked into a contract or ongoing payments, if you see your business wanting to change messages during the year ie: seasonal promotion or to keep your messages fresh or if you are relocating you can change out single segments without having to get a new message!
Check out our on hold players as we are offering great deals when purchasing the on hold player and message as a package.
Customised On Hold Message Programme

Choice of Male and Female Voice Artist
Large range of tunes
Choice of File Type eg: WMA, MP3
400 words
Provide Script
Outright Purchase No Contracts
Budget On Hold Message Programme